Nineteen tips on how to make money – and save money – when you move.

When you go new places with Atlas, we want you to get the best value from your moving budget. That means saving money on your moving expenses - even making money in the process. Here are 19 practical tips for lowering your moving costs.

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Before your move...

Tip 1

If your gas, electric or water utility has not yet returned the deposit you made for your current address, ask for the money now. If you have paid your bills on time, request a good customer letter. It might save you a utility deposit in your new town.

Tip 2

Coupons can save you money on all kinds of purchases... dining and groceries, services for home and auto, even home furnishings. You can get coupons online at and Visit to find books of coupons for meals, travel, and leisure. Such books are usually good for a year and may sell for $25 to $45. You can recoup the cost after a few meals. For even more options, go to your favorite search engine and enter coupons with your city's name.

Tip 3

It's smart to sell or give away things you are sure you won't need. However, don't be too hasty to get rid of furniture when you downsize. Replacing it may cost a lot more than you think. Keep any big pieces you might use. You can always sell or give them away after you've settled in.

Tip 4

Round up the records that you will need to take with you—medical, dental, school and veterinary files. Ask your child's counselors and coaches for letters that document what your child has accomplished in karate, dance classes, swimming, etc. These letters can help your child fit into favorite activities in your new community.

Tip 5

Turn unwanted items into cash with a moving sale. See How To Hold a Moving Sale for tips, including advice on writing an ad and questions to ask before you place a classified ad in the local paper. You can also use the Internet to sell your items. connects you to free online classifieds all over the world. Online auction sites, such as, let you sell to the highest bidder. There are even businesses that will manage an online auction for you.

Tip 6

When you donate items to charity, ask for receipts. You can use these to claim tax deductions and save money on your federal income tax.

Tip 7

Selling your furnishings on consignment may bring more money than you would make from a moving sale. Visit one or more consignment shops to find one that is a good fit. Do people shop there for the kind of furnishings you have? Is the pricing attractive, yet high enough to make a nice profit for you? Consign only items that are in good condition. Usually, you specify an amount you will take and the shop adds a markup. If the item remains unsold after a period of time, the store may reduce the price.