Moving With Children

Planning and preparing or a move can be a challenging and daunting task, it may be hard enough for the adults in the home but don't forget about the little ones and how this whole process might affect them.

Below are some pointers on how to keep the attitude in your home positive and add some excitement to the move. Whether you have decided to relocate for a job, due to financial issues or simply in search of a better home and neighborhood, we want to help you and your family make the best of your moving experience.

1. Choose the Right Mover:

Choosing the right moving company to assist you during the process is imperative. Unfortunately, many scam operators will take advantage of consumers by offering cut-rate prices, making unrealistic promises, inflating the price on moving day and holding the household possessions for ransom. 

Remember, if a mover’s offer looks and sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here are some helpful tips on How To Choose a Mover.

2. Talk About it:

The best way to take the mystery out of a move is to discuss it with your kids. 

Kids aren't always able to express their feelings and the best way to help them out is to have open and honest discussions regarding the move. Listen to their concerns, if they have any, and answer their questions as truthfully.  Open dialogue will help them focus on the positive aspects of a move rather than seeing it as a frightening process. 

Check out this article from on how to talk to your kids abut your upcoming move.

3. Give The Kids Tasks:

Your children will appreciate being able to help out during the move, make sure to have some small jobs set aside for them so that they can feel like helpful participants rather than seeing the move as something that has been forced on them.

4.  Research!

Go on the internet with your kids and research your new neighborhood, school or city, depending on if you are moving locally or internationally. Give them something to look forward to by focusing on the positive and exciting aspects of your move.

5. The Day After

You may think it's all done but wait! Before turning your attention to the rest of the home, take the time to get your child's room in order. Get your little ones settled in so that they can feel safe and start seeing this new place as their home. 

Also, try to maintain your regular schedule for meals and bedtime to give kids a sense of familiarity.

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