Why Summertime is an Appealing Time to Move

Summer seems like a great time to move, and it can be. However; you'll need to plan ahead as it is the busiest time in the moving industry, and you'll want to ensure that they have the dates you are looking for available.

Here are some reasons why a Summer move is so appealing:

The Warm Weather

Moving during Winter can be hard, moving during cold weather can be challenging; icy sidewalks, freezing weather, snow days, etc.

The warm weather during Summer months makes the whole experience of moving a more enjoyable one.

Garage Sale Time!

Besides moving season, summer is also garage sale season. A garage sale is one of the easiest ways of disposing of unwanted possessions and is considered an environmentally responsible way of keeping items out of landfills. Decide when to hold your sale. Weekends are best except for holiday weekends when many people are away. Check out these tips on how to hold a Garage Sale.


Good Time to Sell Your Home

According to an ATTOM Data Solutions analysis of 14.7 million home sales that appeared in Forbes.com, June 29th was the single best day of the year to sell a home, and May was the best month. With high percentages of selling and buying of homes comes high booking for movers, so ensure you plan ahead for a summer move.

Kids and School

There are definitely pros and cons to having kids around during a move. Are thy old enough to help? If so, maybe it would be nice to have them involved int he family move, otherwise, you might need to rely on someone to watch them while you pack and sort things out. Don't forget you need to budget time to research good schools ahead of time, so summer is when you want to move to your new location.