Tips On What To Do After You've Moved In

Setting that last box down in your new home is like a weight off your shoulders. You're finally in your new house, but now what do you do? Moving to a new location is a chore in itself, but setting up your new space also brings its own set of tasks. So, while you might be done with your movers, here are a few jobs you'll have to keep in mind for your new place:

Turn on utilities

Take a few minutes to find the fuse box and water valves for your house and turn them on. Having running water and electricity is definitely essential, so get it out of the way first. Then, you won't have to stumble around trying to figure out where the switches are located when it gets dark. If you have not set up these services already, wait to start unpacking until you have called a service provider.

"Make sure your belongings have arrived safely at your new place."

Double check inventory

Hiring a professional moving company like Kings Transfer to transport your furniture and other belongings from one location to another will make your move infinitely simpler. However, there's always the possibility that something was misplaced. So, when you arrive at your new home, take a few minutes to run through a short inventory of your belongings, and make sure everything has arrived safely.

You might suddenly realize that you left something important in the backyard of your old place. While it might be a hassle to return and pick up any forgotten items, it's better than losing them completely.


Get organized

Getting your home arranged and organized will be one of the hardest tasks to tackle. Start with big items and move to boxes later. Arranging the furniture will make maneuvering around the living room and bedrooms a lot easier. It also gives you a place to set boxes so you have extra floor space.

Further, this is a time when labeled boxes come in handy, so if you have yours marked, divide and conquer. Carry the boxes to their respective rooms, then deal with one area at a time. Spacing out the boxes like this will make it look like you have less work to do so you won't get discouraged or overwhelmed.

It's also probably best to unpack your bedroom first, or at least get the bed made up. A long day of moving is exhausting, so you'll want a comfortable bed to relax in later.

Explore your surroundings

Take a break from your chaotic house by driving around the neighbourhood. This is a wonderful way to determine where the nearest park, library and grocery stores are. If you have kids, they'll be excited to have a place to play for a few minutes, and you can pick up some essentials at the grocery store before returning to the house for more unpacking.

"If you see any signs of animal life, call an exterminator."

Protect against pests

You don't want your new home to become infested with unwelcome guests, so make sure you call a local pest control service to come spray for bugs. Preventative measures against these problems are always a good idea. It also wouldn't hurt to check all the nooks and crannies to see what other critters may be trying to move in. If you notice any droppings or hear any scuttling feet, you may want to call an exterminator.

Change the locks

Most of the time, changing the locks doesn't really cross your mind when you move into a new home. However, chances are high that your new house key has been duplicated at some point in the past, so err on the side of safety by getting the locks changed. This service usually isn't that expensive either, and it's even cheaper if you buy the new lock yourself. You could also try installing the new system without help, but if you don't have much experience with changing locks, it's probably better to leave it to professionals.

Completing all of these tasks will make your new house and neighbourhood feel like home in no time.