Tips For Moving During Winter

Moving during winter can be tricky but sometimes due to a variety of reasons, it just cannot be helped. Don't worry there are ways to make sure your cold weather move goes well. With a little diligence, proper preparation and help from a moving company your winter move should go smoothly.


Here are some tips to help you get through it!

  1. On moving day, wear layers to avoid overheating indoors and stay warm outdoors.

  2. Use your garage or building lobby as a staging area to stave off the cold, if there's enough room. Bring all items from your moving truck to the indoor area and then from there to inside your home. This strategy offers the added benefit of keeping snow, ice, sand, and salt from being tracked inside during dozens of trips to and from the truck.

  3. Use a human chain if you can't use a garage or lobby. Have a few people bring items to the front door or easiest access point, with others on the inside ready to bring the boxes and other possession to their intended destinations.

  4. Keep towels and rags on hand to wipe down boxes and other items that may get wet, News and World Report suggested. Similarly, you can use pads or mats to avoid tracking dirty snow inside and creating moisture damage. You can also use inexpensive shoe and boot covers to avoid bringing snow and ice to the farthest corners of your home.

  5. Have a shovel and salt or sand ready in case snow flurries and other difficult weather coincide with your moving day.

Don't worry; we're here to help. As a local and long distance moving company in Calgary, you can rely on King’s Transfer and our 90 years of professional moving experience to take the burden off you and your family during your move.