Your Moving To-Do List

Moving is hectic, and it's easy to forget certain belongings and tasks in the whirlwind of activity. Here are a few things to keep in mind each week as the moving date approaches:


  • Bank Records

  • Club memberships

  • House/Car Insurance

  • Legal Contracts

  • Medical/Optometrist/Dental Records

  • School Records

  • Veterinarian Records


  • Church

  • Credit Card Companies

  • Government (family allowances, health cards, etc.)

  • Magazines/Mail Order Accounts/ Post Office

  • Vehicle Registrations Bureau


  • Cable/Internet/Telephone/Mobile

  • Electricity/Water/Software Services

  • Food Service

  • Laundry/Dry Cleaning/Household Cleaning Services

  • Lawn/Snow Service

  • Newspaper Delivery

  • Oil?Propane Deliveries