Reduce Stress During Corporate Relocations

Are you in the process of a corporate relocation? Carefully consider all of your options to ensure a stress-free move. The best way to manage your office move is by getting advice from a corporate employee relocation specialist like Kings Transfer Van Lines Calgary. At Kings Transfer, we have perfected our move management system to ensure that each relocating employee receives the highest degree of customization and personal attention. In addition to hiring office relocation services in your area, check out these stress-free moving tips to ensure things go smoothly during your office move. 

Address Change

Arrange phone service changes ahead of time, leave a disclaimer on your voicemail so people calling your office can be aware of your upcoming change of address. Complete all necessary changes of address forms, physical and digital. Don't forget to update your website to reflect your new location. Check out Canada Post for more information.

Office Layout

A very helpful strategy is to tour the new office location and have a solid idea of where current items will fit into the new space. This will make packing, proper labeling, and furniture placement much easier, allowing you to place them exactly where they need to be, rather than organize again once you’ve unloaded everything.

Anticipate Unexpected Moving Costs

Get a quote from an expert relocation specialist in your area like Kings Transfer Van Lines, we take the time to learn your specific requirements and deadlines and promise to exceed your expectations with our outstanding service. Moving costs can add up quickly, especially the costs that you don’t expect. Talk to a professional mover and get their advice on unforeseen costs associated with relocating an office. Reserve a good amount of cash and have it on hand during your move just in case there are any expenses that arise. 

Hire a Professional Office Relocation Service

The best moving advice will undoubtedly come from a corporate relocations specialists.  Get Kings Transfer Van Lines to give you inside advice. We are expertly trained in residential and commercial moves for years, and know all the ins and outs, and exactly what to expect. Contact us today to find out more about our moving and packing services, and to take advantage of our industry expertise.