Kings Transfer Helps Feed The Hungry

Food waste is a real problem in our world, roughly one-third of all food produced worldwide ends up in the garbage, complicating efforts to alleviate hunger around the globe.  In Canada alone it is reported that approximately $31 billion worth of food is wasted every year, and it is having a significant environmental and economical impact.

Canadian homes are responsible for 50% of the food lost; advertisers have made us a very particular society where if our food doesn’t look a certain way, we won’t eat it. Our pickiness affects food in markets as well, if the produce doesn't look picture perfect, it will often be left on shelves by consumers.

As a result, edible produce ends up in the landfill on a continuous basis, it is important that each and every individual takes measures to reduce their food waste every day, we need to build better habits and change the way we think about food. 

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says best-before dates are only guidelines. It is possible for food to be safely consumed afterwards, if you are not comfortable eating the food then, at least, consider donating it, many food banks are willing to accept donations that are passed their best-before dates. 

Kings Transfer Van Lines Calgary has partnered with Move For Hunger in an effort to help Canadians reduce food waste. We know first hand that many people throw away a lot of good food during the moving process. Unfortunately, there are often items that can be delivered to a family in need. By choosing Kings Transfer as your preferred moving service, we can arrange to have your unwanted, non-perishable food items delivered to your local food bank.

Wondering how you can reduce your waste on a daily basis? Here are five simple steps you can take from Caitlin Ens at Move For Hunger.