Find The Mover That's Right For You

When you make the decision to move, it can feel like you 're leaving your life behind. You might feel a little overwhelmed just thinking about it! Take these steps to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possibly and you feel confident with the team doing your move.

1. First things first. Get a moving estimate!
Licensed moving companies always offer moving estimates. The cost of your move will depend on some things. The size of the truck needed the number of men required, the estimated time it will take from start to finish, whether you are moving to a house or apartment building and time of year. Estimates are essential to keeping you on budget for your move.

2. Who does the packing and loading?
Consider having moving professionals pack for you, ensuring your possessions arrive at your new home safely. Whether they pack all of your possession or just the most delicate china and breakables, is up to you, ask your moving consultants for details.

If you decide to do some or all of your packing, your King's Transfer moving consultant can provide you with proper packing cartons, packing paper and tape at a nominal cost. There are also gently used moving cartons available at a reduced cost. Click here for helpful packing tips.

3. Are there extra charges involved?
Though not true of every moving company, some will charge extra fees for certain services. That could include charges for parking trucks in major metros, storage, unhooking appliances, long carry charges, fuel and even if the movers will require special equipment. It's important to know of any fees beforehand, so the final bill isn't a surprise.

4. Is the company insured?
Yes, even moving companies need to be properly insured. Without this form of protection, they wouldn't be able to reimburse you in case of any accidental damage to your home or goods. There are different levels of coverage for these companies, so always make sure you know the details before the moving process officially begins.

5. Is the moving crew properly prepared?
Proper training of service professionals is essential for a successful move; employees must have the knowledge and expertise specific to their job. Having the right equipment, being ready in case of unexpected issues, excellent inter-personal skills, and the right attitude are all important.

6. Can you give me references of satisfied customers?
Just as with any other kind of relationship, you need to know who you're working with during a move. When was the company founded? Has the company won any awards? What kind of training programs do employees undergo? What measures are in place to prevent damage? Are the movers given an incentive program to ensure customer satisfaction? All of these help paint a portrait of the company you've employed. 

7. Do I have all of the necessary documentation, including the signed contract?
If you're working alongside a professional moving service, there are three forms you should receive:

  • An inventory list.

  • Order of service.

  • A bill of landing.

These documents should help you understand the extent of the move as well as your responsibilities and those of the moving company. If any of these pieces of paper are left blank, protect yourself by not signing them until the company's completed each form. Always be sure to hold on to them for your personal records.

Making sure you get the answers you want means hiring a professional moving company.