Rid Your Home Of Clutter

Let's face it, if you're anything like me, then you're one of those people that simply can't think when their home feels messy and cluttered. Before you start masterminding all sorts of ways to clear the space around you, let's look at some items you might not have through of.

1 Medications and Vitamins

Take a minute to sort through your prescription medication, see which ones are still needed and being used, this will give you a chance to refill pills you might be running low on. If you no longer have the affliction the medicine was prescribed for or perhaps the over the counter medicine or vitamins have expired, then you should dispose of them safely. Here are some tips for the safe disposal of prescription medications and vitamins


2 Anything chipped or broken

There are items in your home that may have seen better days but hold sentimental value for you, let's skip these. Sort through the overflow that is no longer in top working order but for some reason or another you haven't gotten rid of yet. The time has come and you can do it.


3 Coat hangers

Attack your closet, Mommy Dearest style, and get rid of all the wire hangers you see, or at least the ones you don't need, these eye sores have a sneaky way of multiplying. If you feel bad about parting with them, here are 21 uses for a wire coat hanger.

4 Makeup and nail polish

I'm going to share a sad little fact I learned a few years ago about makeup (sigh). Beauty products go bad, they have a shelf life and if you are not careful cause irritations and even infections. The toss-it-time for nail polish is 1-2 years max, so if you see anything in your bathroom that you know you've had for longer than that, then it's time to part with it,


5 Outdated technology

Are you still holding on to your old VHS tapes and the VHS recorder? Be honest now, if there are any cassettes, old TV's, non working and outdated computers or rusting electronics being stored in your house then let's dispose of them ASAP.

6 The linen closet

Take a good look in your linen closet, do you like what you see? are sheets and towels in good shape? still in style? guest worthy? If you don't approve then simply pack them up and take them to a place where they can be put to good use.